We have 3 safe and easy ways you can order any of our products. We ship our items via FedEx ground. For any questions you may have about our shipping or product line feel free to contact us by phone or E-mail.
  E-mail us an order or RFQ and we will respond with correct price that will include shipping cost, proper insurance, and special packaging if needed.  All we would need is your shipping address with city and zip code. Any questions please contact us.
  You can also print out a                                  and mail it directally to us or even fax it to us at any time of day. We will then start on your order right away and ship it to the address you provide. You will need a quoted shipping cost to totally fill out an order form, or we can contact you with total cost including all shipping fees soon after order form is recived. Then you can pay with PayPal or mail us a personal check or money order to complete your order. Any questions please contact us.
  New to our line of payment plans is PayPal, a great way to send money or payments to anyone around the world, for use with our website all you need to do is contact us with the products you would like to purchase or that we may have quoted you already and pay with PayPay. All we need is to confirm and add any shipping costs to the product total and the job is done.
JMK Order Form
  New to our website for 2002 is our shop on-line store, now you can purchase our products with a faster ship time on in stock items, custom products will still have to be quoted by us, but after you have recived your quote you can pay with any credit card Via PayPal. Feel safe with PayPal's SSL for all credit card transactins.
Look for the "S" when logging into your PayPal account to be sure you enter securely.
To add proper New York State sales tax to orders being placed with PayPal through our On-line store.
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